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From onboarding to leadership development, create a learning community that grows together over time and receives coaching as they apply new skills to the most pressing problems.

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Help your people take Leaps.

Ei Programs multiply the best parts of workplace learning:

  • Develop a community of learners ranging from 10 to 1,000.
  • Work with a designated Ei learning design team with decades of experience.
  • Scale up while staying personal through a digital platform for content, meetups, & personalized feedback.
  • Create space for learners to practice new frameworks and receive coaching along the way.

Four Learning Areas

Leading Self

Understand individual and team work styles, learn how to navigate uncertainty, and discover what leads to high performance.


Do more than just transmit information. Learn to inspire, influence, and align audiences through compelling stories and impactful communication.


Learn to help individuals and teams set goals, give and receive feedback, navigate conflict, and adapt to change.


Practice a framework for discovering and launching new processes, services, and products based on real customer needs.

Program Structure

Leaps: Our Signature Learning Model

We help people take Leaps—structured projects that lean on community and curiosity to fuel learning.

The science of supported risk-taking shows that learners experience more lasting growth when they take on challenges rooted in their own interests and supported by a caring cohort. Ei participants feel truly engaged, exploring new ideas with confidence and energy.

There's a gravitational force of those people who jump in and lean in: they pull others in with them. [Participants] gained core skill development that will last for their career.

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