Enhancing Communication

A learning program to help employees inspire, influence, and align through effective storytelling.

Communication Leaps

Take the stage with confidence and captivate an audience

No matter your industry, role, or seniority, communication is a part of your work. Whether it’s pitching new work to a client, rallying the team to hit an important deadline, or implementing a new process, everyone in an organization needs to be able to move others to action through communication. Plus, having the ability to communicate ideas, vision, and information is key to career growth and team alignment.

Ei's Enhancing Communication learning programs teach your people to do more than just transmit information. They'll learn to inspire, influence, and align audiences through compelling stories.

Specifically, helping your people to...

+ Deliver complex or technical information in a way that is easy to understand

+ Connect with an audience, communicate a vision, motivate others, and move them towards action

+ Apply proven storytelling frameworks to turn a work product (e.g. team project, client pitch) into a compelling story

+ Leverage the application of brain science principles related to storytelling to enhance communication effectiveness

+ Develop and refine impactful prototypes through iterative story-building techniques

+ Cultivate a presentation presence that balances warmth and authority

These programs are built for your...

Creative and sales teams who need to craft impactful client pitches and deliver engaging presentations

New employees learning to communicate internally with confidence

Managers who need to build buy-in to internal initiatives

Independent contributors who need to disseminate their expertise or showcase their knowledge

Our programs are designed around taking Leaps.

In every Ei program, learners integrate knowledge from interactive workshops into self-directed projects, fostering growth at the intersection of personal curiosity and organizational needs. We call these projects Leaps.

Here's how it works:

Phase 1

Laying the Foundation

Employees develop key skills and mindsets aligned with your company’s learning goals through interactive workshops.

Phase 2


To apply their new learning, employees design and conduct a self-directed project that addresses real challenges at work. Coaching offers space to reflect as they leap.

Phase 3


Learners (now Leapers!) celebrate and solidify their learning journey by sharing their experiences and discussing how to apply their new knowledge in their day-to-day work.

Our Philosophy

Humans learn by doing, through experience.

That’s why we’re called Experience Institute.

Ei programs are rooted in community and focused on direct application. Learners break from their routines and are given space to experiment, make mistakes, and reach breakthroughs. Each workshop addresses specific personal or organizational challenges and cycles through core elements of experiential learning.

By the end of each Ei program, your team members have real-world experience applying new skills and a repeatable process for driving growth.

We tailor our Enhancing Communication programs to fit your company’s unique needs.

Here's what it could look like:

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation

Week 1 - Crafting Stories that Move Workshop

Team members learn to craft strategic pitches that rally people to action using a replicable framework.

Week 2 - One-On-One Coaching

Delving deeper into the storytelling framework practiced in workshop one, and learners receive personalized feedback to finalize a compelling pitch.

Phase 2: Leaping

Week 3 - Engaging Your Audience Workshop

Learners (now Leapers!) discover opportunities to engage their audience at every turn, bring their pitch to life, and exude confidence while speaking by mastering key elements of presentation presence.

Week 4 - Small Group Coaching

In the safety of a small group, Leapers receive tailored, individual coaching from an Ei coach and peers to address specific improvement areas and refine presentation skills.

Phase 3: Landing

Week 5 - Taking the Stage

Time to put all the pieces together! Storytellers take the stage to present their pitch to peers. They show off their hard work and newfound confidence.

I notice myself shifting in the way I tell stories and use gestures. I feel more confident speaking at work.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a call with one of our learning experts to learn more about how to bring Leaps to your company.