November 29, 2023

An Invitation: Leap Gatherings 2024

Leap Years have always been special around Experience Institute.

In 2012, we started the company after my Leap Year project. And ever since we’ve been building on the idea of people and teams taking Leaps: time-bound projects designed to help you leave your comfort zone and learn something meaningful. Today, the term embodies our own recipe of experiential learning that has changed lives, trained leaders, and reignited engagement in workplaces of all shapes and sizes.

In 2020, we had our biggest idea to mark a Leap Year — we wanted to try bringing the entire Experience Institute community together over meals to have meaningful conversations about how they wanted to learn and grow. So, we invited our community to organize dinners around the country. With the help of ten amazing friends, we hosted ten "Leaps Dinners" in ten major cities around the country simultaneously — all on February 29, 2020.

And it was awesome. Since then, we've seen thousands of Leaps ranging from learning to play a new instrument, to making the onboarding experience more human at a large professional services company, to improving a sales process that helped an awesome small business grow revenue by 30% in 3 months.

Now, it’s almost a Leap Year again! In exactly 3 months, on February 29th, it will be Leap Day once more. We’re wondering, “Could we try it again?

This time, it will look a little different. Leap Day will be our “New Year.” Instead of 2024 resolutions, February 29th will be an invitation to kickstart a project to learn and grow in a specific area in your work, your relationships, or your well-being.

  1. Community Dinners & Meetups | The Ei team will create a “kit” for anyone to host a gathering. The kit will be simple, free, easy to access, and include conversation starters and resources to facilitate the dialogue. Of course, the topics and tone can be tailored to your group.

  2. Anyone can host! | You might gather a group of friends or community members to learn more about each other or make progress on a common goal. Or maybe you're a leader who wants to engage your team in a more inspiring way around the Leaps you will take together throughout the year.

  3. Ei Flagship Events | In addition to community-led meetups organized by friends, the Ei Team is hosting flagship meetups in major cities, like last time. Because we've seen how transformative Leaps at work can be, we're co-hosting with leaders at companies around the country. We’ve already begun to meet with amazing individuals in various cities (interest form below).

Our goal is to continue expanding on our mission of igniting motivation and purpose through transformational learning experiences. 2024 can be a simple, yet powerful invitation to rethink how you work, lead, and connect. Even small Leaps can lead to tremendous growth over time, especially when taken together.

Want to join us? Would you be interested in hosting Leaps at your company or in your city/neighborhood? Share your info here and we’ll send more information soon.

For now, save the date — we can’t wait to host Leap Day 2024!

Victor and the Ei Team

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