May 24, 2023

City of LA Launches Ei Leadership Program for Public Servants

Exciting news! After months of preparation, Experience Institute has been awarded the chance to design and lead a 3-month leadership program for a key department within the city of Los Angeles!

LACERS Takes a Leap

LACERS, or Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System, is a public pension fund that provides retirement benefits to the city’s civilian employees. The organization was facing the challenge of how to create an experience for its 200 leaders to learn the philosophies around empathetic, inclusive leadership in a way that is engaging, science-backed, personalized, and project-based. After learning about our “Leaps” philosophy and reviewing our proposal for a hybrid program, we were awarded the project in March. And we just kicked off the design last week.

Working with Public Servants

As a team, we feel really energized by this work. Ei’s mission has always been to help individuals and teams learn to launch and lead through experience. City government can be one of the most challenging environments to navigate growth. Now, we get to be a part of changing that narrative alongside this organization as they expand their meaningful work over the next 2 years. Special thanks to the leadership at LACERS who are making this a priority, and unanimously voted for Ei to lead the initiative.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress. For now, what experience do you need next to learn, grow, and bring about the change you want to see?

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