November 08, 2023

We're going to SXSW!

We have some exciting news to share today — thanks to you, Experience Institute has been selected to present at SXSW this March!

The journey began earlier this year when our own Sara Loncka made the trek to Austin. She spent the week immersed in the Workplace Revolution track, surrounding herself with people and companies working on the future of how we work and learn.

A few months later at our quarterly offsite, our team began to brainstorm what we might create for the conference. SXSW is a hub for some of the most innovative ideas and projects happening around the world. We knew it would be the perfect place to share Leaps and our experiential learning approach to the workplace.


In July, we built and submitted a proposal; but there was a catch: we needed to be “voted” into the conference. And that’s where you came in.

When we announced that we needed votes and comments, you showed up. Big. Of all the proposals we were watching in our category, Ei’s received the most buzz and community excitement.

And last week, we were notified that we are in! We’re presenting Leaps at SXSW, in March of 2024, a Leap Year! Awesome.

Other Big News

Beyond this, a few other exciting things have been happening around Ei:

+ Sara recently keynoted at the Microsoft headquarters, sharing a piece of our experiential learning philosophy with a group of over 100 leaders.

+ This fall, we graduated four cohorts from our eight-week Leaps program across three different client companies. One of my favorite pieces of feedback has been, "I'm more confident in my communication skills, and [have a] better understanding of how I work best, where I can improve, and how I can use my skills to conquer a challenge."

+ After a year of conversations, an influential CPG company finalized plans to brand one of their major internal development programs around Creative Leaps for a 2024 launch. We're in the design process with them now.

+ Just last week, I gave two Keynotes — one for Google Chicago, and one for UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center (with Jane Goodall!) on designing transformative learning experiences that spark purpose and behavioral change.

As great as all of this has been, we’re still working to pace ourselves. At Ei, we use our own resources to invest in our ideas. That means we won't move as fast as a venture-backed shop. But we believe our deliberate approach leads to better outcomes, by keeping quality and care intact.

Upcoming ways to jump in with us (pun intended):

As we make these moves, consider a few things in your own life & work:

  • Consider what Leaps you might take in your life, work, or world in 2024 (more on this soon).
  • Block the evening of February 29th for a Leap Dinner (also more info to come).
  • Reply to this email to set up a time to talk about a Leaps program for your team or company.
  • Meet us in Austin in March!

Thank you again for your amazing support so far. We feel grateful you are part of the Ei community, and are excited for what’s ahead!

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