Learn. Do. Transform.

From onboarding to C-suite, we design and lead learning experiences to help individuals and teams realize their full potential.

Experience Institute (Ei) ignites motivation and growth through transformational learning experiences we call Leaps.

If you’re looking to rethink how your people learn and grow, you’re in the right place.

Why Leap?

Work has evolved. Workplace learning needs to catch up.

Asynch learning platforms, "bite-sized" courses, and cookie-cutter trainings promise a kind of transformation they can't deliver.

At Ei, we help leaners take Leaps. Our methodology extends beyond helpful content, engaging your employees to practice and acquire new skills and mindsets through self-directed projects.


of participants report that they have successfully applied skills they learned in our programs in their day-to-day work.


The average response when asked on a scale of 1-10 how likely participants would be to recommend Ei programming to their peers.


of participants agreed that attending our experiences felt like an investment from their employer and a reason they'd stay in their job.


of participants rate our workshops as “Extremely Useful or Very Useful.”

Our Philosophy

Humans learn by doing, through experience.

That's why we're called Experience Institute. We take teams out of their routine to develop and enrich their skill sets through self-directed projects called Leaps. We create a space to experiment, make mistakes, and reach breakthroughs, all while fostering community for renewed purpose and engagement at work.

Working with Experience Institute has had one of the largest impacts on me and my work.


Transformation at work takes Leaps.

In an age of automation, one thing that can't be done for us is learning. And the stickiest learning comes from living the lesson.

When you work with Ei, your teams won't just sit in a workshop, passively attaining knowledge. In every Ei program, learners take on a self-directed project to pursue growth at the intersection of their curiosities and your organization's challenges. We call these projects Leaps.

Leaps take your employees from where they are today to where they aim to be. By directly applying their new knowledge to challenges at work, they'll stretch their capabilities in these high-impact areas:

+ Management
+ Innovation
+ Communication

Ready to take the Leap?

Meet with one of Ei's learning experts for a program design session.