Higher Education through experiences around the world.

"At Experience Institute, you will learn interdisciplinary skills that engage your mind, shape your values, and help you create meaningful tools alongside remarkable people." David Kelley | Founder of IDEO & Stanford's d.school

Our Programs

Leap Semester | Fall, Spring, or Summer You're a college student who wants to spend the Fall Semester working in the field while receiving college credit for learning interdisciplinary skills around Design Thinking, Storytelling and Business Operations – all while spending time with remarkable people.
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Leap Year Fellowship | 12 Months You're considering grad school or a shift in your career. You need practical tools, a wider network, a portfolio of meaningful projects and a type of program that offers you the freedom and support to chart your own path, all without massive debt.
August 2016 - September 2017
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What you'll get at Experience Institute

Skills that never expire

You’ll learn processes that challenge you personally and professionally and are applicable within any industry. These include: Self-awareness, Storytelling, Community Building, Business Operations, and Human Centered Design.

Projects that make a difference

At each meetup, you’ll complete 70+ hours of real-world projects, learning practical processes for discovering solutions in day-to-day situations.

Bright and caring community

You’ll connect with one coach to every five students who will mentor you through a year of transformation. You’ll make lifelong friends with a class size no bigger than 20 remarkable peers. And you’ll meet top industry and thought leaders in the areas of business, design, technology, and social change.

Experiences that will build your portfolio

With our Host Companies and our partnership with Sage Corps, you’ll experience what it’s like to pitch your skills to work with different companies or projects. These experiences, which may take the form of a personal project or an apprenticeship, will challenge you to uncover ways you can add value to a team. Your experiences will teach you the ins and outs of the career you want to pursue in real time.

There's never been a more important and available time to reimagine how you learn. This is your chance to think differently about education – to make it something you create, not just consume.

Our curriculum is holistic in scope and its five core competencies will support you both during and after your time at Ei. We've built Ei around a few core components.

  • 1

    In-Person Meetups with interdisciplinary group projects

  • 2

    Real-World Experiences

  • 3

    Online Courses for College Credit

  • 4

    Regular Coaching Calls

  • 5

    Documentation & Celebration of your Journey

Join us for the Pilot of our Leap Summer or for the fourth class of the Leap Year Fellowship