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Seeing the Opportunities

Make sense of the change happening in your industry and create an inspiring vision for the future.

Change is a Comin'...

In this program, participants learn to make sense of the disruptive forces in the world around them, prioritize what’s important, and articulate an inspiring vision for the future. They explore and challenge the mindsets that may be limiting them. Finally, they practice using imagery as a tool for generating urgency and inspiration in their teams to focus on innovation priorities.

This module is for leaders who have the authority to define innovation priorities for their teams and the desire to help create their organization’s future.

Content Highlights

  • Sensing disruption from digitization and changes in human behaviors
  • Translating disruptive forces into relevant implications
  • Defining innovation opportunity areas
  • Thinking differently to challenge the status quo
  • Engaging your team through imagery

Program Components

One full day of team-wide exercises, discussions, and activities.

Time spent on making real, tangible plans to apply lessons to daily business functions.

Team website designed with ongoing activities beyond the workshop.

Refresher prompts delivered at 30-, 60-, 90-day marks

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