We help organizations learn and lead through change.

1-day to 60-day education programs that help teams achieve their biggest goals.

"In times of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the earth."

- Eric Hoffer

Leaders today face enormous challenges. Technologies evolve at breakneck speeds. Customers continually expect fresh and powerful new solutions. Entirely new categories of competition seem to pop up every day. It’s no longer sufficient to be a great leader of the current business. Leaders must also innovate to create the future.

But leading innovation is not like leading the current business. It requires new mindsets, expertise, and behaviors.

Workshops that help people and organizations grow.

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Building Breakthroughs

An action-packed deep dive into a customer-centric innovation process. Employees work in small teams on real-world, industry-relevant challenges. Think of this as a “shark tank” in a day, all focused on your company’s work.

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LEAPS Innovation Fellowship

A 60-day innovation fellowship where employees remain in their full-time roles, but are equipped and resourced to design and complete a project or skillset they hope to pursue. Our team leads a series of short workshops on-site as participants work to complete their projects over two exciting months.

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Seeing the Opportunities

Together, we’ll take step back and look at the disruptive forces facing your organization and industry. Throughout the day, you’ll create a strategic plan to turn those challenges into innovation priorities – helping you create a compelling vision for the future.

Personal Transformation

Your teams will develop the mindsets, behaviors, and self-awareness to drive innovation in an established organization. By the end of the day, employees emerge with increased self-confidence and a renewed sense of professional purpose and direction.


Ei + Performance Coaching

To create our workplace programs, Experience Institute partnered with the leadership and learning experts at Performance Coaching. They’ve focused on helping people perform at their best under pressure for over 30 years – working with hundreds of athletes and coaches, over 85 of whom have medaled at the Olympics, and delivered programs around the world to more than 25,000 professionals in corporate, government and non-profit realms. Together, our teams hail from MIT, Stanford, and Doblin – Deloitte’s innovation practice. So far, we’ve led innovation and learning programs with teams at Google, Leo Burnett, Method Homes, and Farmer’s Fridge.

Most training doesn't stick.
Ours does.


We begin by assessing ourselves and peers before launching into grandiose visions of the future. We believe an honest look at where we’ve been and how we got there is a helpful starting point for catalyzing change.

Skills and Tools

We share helpful and memorable frameworks that can be shared and repeated across teams and functions.

Commitment to Action

We don’t just invite people to think, we plan for the specific changes that need to happen in the coming days and weeks.

Support & Accountability

We provide coaching and individual support for participants as they complete the program and beyond.

We've made a few friends along the way...


Renetta McCann

Chief Talent Officer | Publicis NA

One of the most significant decisions we’ve made to develop our people & culture…


Doug Ehninger

Account Supervisor | Blue Chip

You can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time with the focus and bias towards action in these workshops.

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Alissa Cardone

Senior Producer | Leo Burnett

The chance to work in-person and on real challenges facing the company, made all the difference.


Seamus Harte

Creative Director | Nearpod

The team at Ei infuses warmth, creativity, and sophistication into everything they do. Their programs and people are magic.

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