Virtual and in-person workshops focused on life's most important skills.

"In times of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the earth."

- Eric Hoffer

Learning is how organizations navigate change.

We design and lead programs to help individuals, teams, and leaders...

Virtual or In-Person Workshops

Leaps Program

Through the Leaps program, employees move from being good team players with leadership potential, to engaged collaborators with processes and skills needed to respond creatively to complex challenges.

Building Breakthroughs | Shark Tank in a Day

Helps employees develop a bias toward action and use a proven process for developing new business ideas.

Seeing the Opportunities

Progress is much more likely if everyone is on the same page—especially leaders. This workshop helps decision- makers understand the need to innovate and equips them with tools to support their teams in bringing new ideas to life.

Virtual or In-Person Workshops

Storytelling at Work

Everyone knows stories matter. But how do they work? And how might they apply to the way you connect with customers and teams?
We had those questions too. So we built this experience.

Presentations That Don’t Suck

If a story is told without visuals, did it even happen?
Still, good presentations matter. This experience helps participants merge stories, data, and visuals in a way that engages an audience.

Virtual or In-Person Workshops

Adopting a Growth Mindset

Learn strategies to move from a “fixed” mindset to a “growth” mindset, and start bouncing back from mistakes to continue learning and innovating.

Remote Work

Dive into the key elements of effective virtual communication, best practices for hosting and facilitating productive meetings and pitches over virtual mediums, and explore how to better use Microsoft Teams for managing project flows among distributed teams.

Leading From Afar

Help managers gain the confidence for effective remote management, including best practices for establishing healthy norms and expectations for teams, fostering a collaborative and creative environment online, supporting employee development from afar, and using digital tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana, etc for managing project flows among distributed teams.

Wire Your Team for Innovation

Give your teams a shared language for how they work individually and as a team through the 5 C’s.

Virtual or In-Person Workshops

Pushing Through Adversity

Build the skills and tenacity in employees and leaders to perform at their best in the presence of ambiguity, under pressure or in the aftermath of setbacks.

Personal Brand Building

Participants apply a simple but powerful branding tool to develop more clarity about their strengths and how they want to show up professionally.

Virtual or In-Person Workshops

Design Thinking, Pt 1 | Seek to Understand

A brief introduction for any employee to learn the principles and mindsets behind Design Thinking, a framework that has led to some of the world’s most groundbreaking innovations.

Design Thinking, Pt 2 | Build to Think

Iterative prototyping helps teams get unstuck and de- risks innovation by ensuring that solutions address a real problem that matters to users.

Let's work together to build a program tailored to your organization.

Launching Ei programs has been one of the most significant decisions we've made to develop our people and foster a culture of employee-directed learning.

Renetta McCann

Chief Talent Officer | Publicis North America


Most training doesn't stick. Ours does.

3 out of 4...

3 out of 4 participants agreed they felt invested in by their company and cited this as a reason they’d stay.

9.2 NPS

Net Promoter Score: the average response when asked on a scale of 1-10 how likely participants would be to recommend Ei programming to their peers.


Participants reporting transferring skills learned in our programs into their day-to-day work even three months after completion.


Participants rating our workshops as “Extremely Useful or Very Useful".

I realized that I can start to drive innovation myself and not have to wait for senior leadership’s permission.

Brittany Hayes

Art Director | Leo Burnett

Remote or In-Person

Whether you're team is working across the table or across continents, we create interactive workshops with participants to facilitate exercises, discussions, activities, and provide coaching and feedback.

Real Work

Time spent making progress on issues relevant to the business, and tangible plans to apply insights back on the job.

Ongoing Content

Web portal with preparation and ongoing activities beyond the workshop helps participants apply and engage their broader teams. Refresher prompts delivered at 30-, 60-, 90-day marks support ongoing implementation of learnings.

Talented Facilitators

Our instructors hail from institutions like Stanford, Berkley, and Northwestern. We have real-world experience and expertise in the subject matters we teach, and we're passionate about inspiring lasting behavior change.

Give your team the tools and knowledge they need to drive innovation at your organization.


Ei programs return value to the bottom line.

In one example, a design director at a creative agency and here team were brainstorming ways to pitch an existing client on new work. The idea was to create a concept store and update the brand. While the team was confident in both the potential business impact and their ability to execute, it wasn’t something that the client was actively looking for. The team would have to be strategic about how they presented it. They were stuck about how to proceed.

Remembering a framework introduced in the Ei High-Impact Storytelling workshop, the design director decided to apply it for the pitch. In an email reflecting on the results, she shared it was “probably the most productive 60 minutes we’ve had in years!” They crafted a compelling pitch, presented it to the client, and landed the work – a contract worth half a million dollars.

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