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Victor Saad


The Ei team and I spend a lot of our days exploring trends and tools to help teams learn how to do their best work during this time. We’ve been sharing those tools with everyone from executives to recent grads. Lately, we’ve wondered how to share more of what we’re learning with you.

So, we’ve launched a new weekly resource.
Each week, we curate the top three articles and resources focused on management and organizational leadership into a weekly email for you to skim called Work Different.

We do all of the digging and write summaries of each piece. Think of this as your secret weapon for staying in the loop about the most important and inspiring insights in the space of workplace culture, learning, and leadership development. Read our past issues here. 

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Victor Saad


I’m an author, educator, and community builder living in Chicago. I started Experience Institute, an organization helping college students and career professionals learn and grow through short-term, real-world experiences.

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