Work ≠ Chore

Is work and chore the same thing?

I love my job.

I really never thought I would utter those words, but I really do.

I am a first generation American. My parents immigrated to America in 1980 after being Vietnamese refugees in China. From the get go, my sisters and I were taught to work hard, make money, and support your family. Doesn’t sound like terrible parenting advice to me, but it left out ‘be happy,’ so it made me perceive work as a chore.

Is work and chore the same thing? Well, work is defined as an “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.” While chore is defined as “an unpleasant but necessary task.” Those words have very different meanings, so how did work become synonymous with chore? In all honesty, I don’t have an answer to that, but I do know that work shouldn’t be unpleasant; rather it should be an exciting path to achievement.

So, how can we collectively disassociate work from chore? My answer: find work that allows you to achieve goals that align with your personal mission. My work at Experience Institute is exactly how I want to spend to my time—creating positive shifts in society through education. Are there some tasks that feel like a chore? Yes, of course. But, knowing that chore gets me closer to achieving my mission, well, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand why people may have jobs they despise: family commitments; fear of change and/or starting over; comfortable financial lifestyle; lack of skills or confidence; or even the fact you love your co-workers. Trust me. I was there. And, I was extremely unhappy and didn’t think there was any other way. My family wouldn’t understand, so I reached out to those in my community who would.

Leaving a steady job to follow my dreams was an outrageous thought. But, as I began reading Scott Dinsmore’s blog, specifically this post and watched his TEDx talk, I finally had the courage to quit, leaving my comfortable paycheck behind. I began to share my personal mission with anyone willing to listen. And, before I knew it, I began working with Victor to build Experience Institute.

People will have varying personal missions, but find your community of like-minded individuals and you’ll be surprised at what can happen. My advice: take time to reflect to identify what that life mission is, reach out to others to see how you can get there, and BE INSPIRED.

And, always remember that Experience Institute is the space for exactly this.

So, if you’re looking for a space to discover, learn, and achieve with like-minded individuals, Apply today.

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