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What matters most to employees, revaluing venture capital, and taking a pause.

Victor Saad


Welcome to issue No. 15 of Work Different — a weekly summary of the top articles focused on workplace culture and career development.

On What Matters Most to Employees

What motivates people at work? This recent survey posits that there are three main motivators: Career, Community, and Cause. Career is about having a job that provides autonomy and allows for personal learning and development. Community is about feeling respected, recognized, and acknowledged by others. Cause is about having purpose, which can bring a sense of identity and pride for employees. When all three C’s are fulfilled, people are more likely to be satisfied and motivated to put their best work forward. If you are a leader, think about how specifically you can meet those needs for your employees, so that they can bring forth their best selves to their tasks everyday. Harvard Business Review.

Above photo credit: Jorg Greuel

On Revaluing Venture Capital

In the venture world, the lack of female and minority representation has become increasingly apparent. Venture investor Blair Miller comments, “Venture is a network game, so the lack of diverse fund managers leads to a dearth of diverse founders.” The issue is that many institutions do not invest in first-time fund managers, making it more difficult for women and minorities to enter the pool. Additionally, fund managers often need to forgo at least a year of salaries while fundraising, which very few women and minorities can afford to do. In order to encourage more female and minority representation, “carve outs” or small allocations from big funds should be created to invest in diverse fund managers and entrepreneurs. At the same time, Miller writes, “Hiring a black partner or ‘carving out’ small amounts of money for diverse entrepreneurs or fund managers is not enough. We need to rethink the culture of our industry, the markets we invest in, and the voices we listen to in our conference rooms.” The venture world needs a restructuring to maximize equal opportunity and representation for all. The Hill.

Credit: Merve Koçak

On Pausing

It’s easy for this moment in history to become all-consuming. Being constantly wrapped up in the issues that surround us is enough to dwindle our mental and emotional health, which then affects everyone around us. So how about taking a pause? Last week, I shared a simple 5-minute exercise you can practice any time in the week. Just by breathing, writing, and answering a few prompts, you can recenter yourself and find a fresh perspective for whatever you’re doing. I hope you find this as helpful as it’s been for me. Experience Institute.


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