What is the Meaning of Grit? Do You Have It?

Contrary to popular belief, intelligence and talent are not the only factors in success.

Contrary to popular belief, intelligence and talent are not the only factors in success. In fact, this study implies that those with grit were more likely to achieve success over those with just talent and high intelligence. Kind of surprising isn’t it? But what is the meaning of grit?

University of Pennsylvania Psychology professor, Angela Duckworth defines it as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.” Well, now it makes complete sense that grit is necessary for success.

A person with a 145 IQ score, earns a 4.0 GPA without trying, and/or can effortlessly play Beethoven symphonies from memory simply does not indicate a perfect recipe for success. Because without grit, that same individual could be living in their parent’s basement because they never tried, gave up, or simply never recovered from a previous failure.

Now, think of someone who possesses true grit. It doesn’t matter if they have an average to low IQ with no natural talents because that individual will still succeed. How is that possible? Because their grit will drive them to study as long as takes to earn high marks and practice Beethoven symphonies night and day until they no longer need the sheet music. The word “can’t” just doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. And, if they fail at any point, they come back stronger and smarter. Why? Because they are passionate about achieving whatever it is they’ve set their mind to. Even if it takes them 20 years, nothing is going to stop them from achieving their goal.

If you’re curious to know how much grit you have, you can take this quick test to see where you fall on the grit scale. And, if the test results in a less than desirable amount of grit, Duckworth believes the non-cognitive trait can be learned.

So, are you ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal?

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