The Hero’s Journey Stages: A Framework for Storytelling

This simple cycle diagram is so powerful. I'm able to keep the big picture in mind when times get tough.

I recently discovered that I am a hero, a hero on an incredible journey. And so are you. I want to introduce you to The Hero’s Journey stages. This 4.5 minute video will explain it all:

Joseph Campbell’s work on The Hero’s Journey has been a wonderful framework for improving my storytelling ability and understanding the adventure I’m on as a founding student with Experience Institute.

the hero's journey stages

0. Status Quo

It’s only been 8 months, but those days seem so far away.

1. Call to Adventure

Applications are open for a new, experience-based school!

2. Assistance

This is where the whole Ei team comes in!

3. Departure

Hop on a plane to arrive in Boulder, Colorado at Skoop HQ, luggage in-hand on the first day!

4. Trials

Working with Alex Bogusky was one of the most amazing challenges ever!

5. Approach

I’d definitely call the first term a success…what happens next?

6. Crisis

I’m in the darkest hour, facing my biggest fears, but now I can start to see the light.

7-10. Treasure, Result, Return, New Life

To be determined!

11. Resolution

AKA graduation, where the thread between our three terms will be woven.

12. The new “status quo”

… but better!

This simple cycle diagram is so powerful. I’m able to keep the big picture in mind when times get tough. I don’t know if there will ever quite be a “status quo” but I’ll be sure to keep my ears open for that next call to adventure and so should you. 🙂

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