Teddy Zmrhal

Teddy is an entrepreneurial ninja.

His ventures have led him from the hills of San Francisco, to the villages of Singapore and into the deep waters of the South Pacific. During a fly-by-night visit to Palo Alto, he was introduced to Victor at Rose and Crown, a small Irish Pub with an extensive wine menu. Within minutes, they were enemies, sharing sharp opinions about the greatest beers, authors, and cities to visit. Luckily, they found a common bond amidst the need for this new type of educational model. Upon learning that Teddy has taught and mentored students at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, Victor invited him to join The Connectors.

Ever since that fateful night, Teddy has applied his extensive knowledge of startups and design, especially learning design, to our founding year. He looks forward to the growth of Ei and the opportunity to teach and guide future students who are willing to embark on this type of adventure. In the meantime, he still holds to his incredibly obscure tastes and odd perspectives.