Tanner Woodford

Executive Director

Chicago Design Museum

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Tanner is co-founder and executive director of the Chicago Design Museum—a nascent, nimble, and nontraditional institution that aims to unite, inform, and inspire.

Throughout his career, he has worked in many capacities, including product design, community organization, interaction design, and development. In addition to freelance web and graphic design, he’s taught and lectured on design issues, history, rapid ideation, and personal experience in professional and academic circuits.

Tanner believes in taking calculated risks, and was taught to leave everything—objects, relationships and ideas—better than when they were found. His goals include better connecting the Chicago design community, building a platform that furthers cultural discourse, and building an organization that evolves with time.

He and Victor met through the Chicago Ideas Week Co-op—a group of 75 highly motivated, community-driven individuals who are breaking down silos and sparking connections across our city. Victor called one day, asking if he could bring the founding class of Ei through Chicago Design Museum’s new space for a tour and discussion later that week. Tanner gladly accepted, and hosted an engaging conversation with Victor and the students in the middle of the installation of CDM’s current exhibition.

He’s very excited to be connected!