Olenka Hand

What is so powerful about place?

Olenka has been many places in her life. Some were easy to leap into. Others put up a bit of a fight. Nevertheless, they all had something to say and share. Olenka’s desire to explore the power of place brought her to Ei where she wants to learn how to create environments and experiences that delight and refresh. She grew up attuned to the dynamics of her surroundings and sensitive to the needs of people. She nurtured connection and celebration, organizing events of all sorts. At The University of Texas at Austin, she studied nutrition and became a registered dietitian – an official nourisher. Olenka then expanded her abilities to the Montessori classroom where she crafted environments of trust and exploration for each child to flourish and realize his capabilities. Now at Ei, she’s immersed in a thoughtfully composed place to refine her skills in operations and human-centered design. She will learn how to direct collaboration between diverse professionals to produce an effective and memorable end result: a place where all of our stories meet and realize something unexpected.

Where to find Olenka: