Jordan Fischer

Lead Strategist | gravitytank
Chicago, IL

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Jordan heard about Ei during the Summer of 2014 through Chicago’s CreativeMornings gathering.

He couldn’t attend the actual talk, but the promotion intrigued him enough to reach out to Victor and discuss possible collaborations. After several coffees and scones, he found himself immersed in Ei’s hopes and challenges – providing space for Meetups, connecting students to apprenticeships, and even helping shape our curriculum and process. In other words, he became a Connector before we ever gave him the title, which is why we’re thrilled he’s here.

When he’s not diving headlong into projects with newfound friends, he’s leading the strategy team at gravitytank in Chicago. A soon-to-be father of two, Jordan still makes time to rock climb, run, and take the Fischer family on weekly brunch expeditions.