Daniel Bender

In his final semester at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Daniel Bender realized that he was only one course away from adding a history degree to his BS in International Studies and Italian.

An unrelenting curiosity for how and why our societies have arrived where they are today led to him earning this unplanned accolade.

After academia, he was drawn to work as a project manager where he and his teams of healthcare and IT professionals worked to put the focus of healthcare back on the patient, which expanded his curiosity of how thoughtful design can drive experiences and revolutionize how people interact with the world around them. Daniel is passionate about learning how thoughtful digital, physical, and brand design can influence people’s lives for the better and create experiences people will recognize and love.

An acumen for aesthetics and composition drives Daniel to shape the world around him. Above all else, he loves using color to carry out his vendetta against beige.

Where to find Daniel: