Asad Bandeali

After migrating to the US at the age of 15, Asad quickly learned that hard work, resilience, and patience would be required of him to be successful in his new culture.

By earning advanced degrees in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, he was able to pursue one of his greatest passions, teaching. During his master internship at a pharmaceutical company he was assigned to a database development project, provided with few database software and few books. He was able to take the project from inception to completion, without any prior experience, by centering its design and development around user needs.

As a truly global citizen, and world traveler, he is touched by the common humanity shared by people from different background, beliefs, and languages. His personal interactions with people who’ve experienced events characterized by disaster have shown him the impact listening has in healing a troubled individual. As an Ei fellow, he desires to reach out to disadvantaged communities and affect change through caring on macro and micro levels.

Where to find Asad: