Innovation from within.

LEAPS is a 60-day innovation program created for employees to design a project rooted in a curiosity or skill set they hope to pursue.

One of the most significant decisions we've made to develop our people & culture...

Renetta McCann | Chief Talent Officer/Publicis North America

A new way to

develop and retain talent, and discover new opportunities as a company

60 days

A challenging, transformative program in a short amount of time.


We create local teams and host the workshops onsite or nearby.


The curriculum and projects challenge participants to develop new ideas that can impact their lives & work, and the company at large.


From day one, participants listen to one another and work together to identify challenges and possible leaps worth taking


Participants build their body of work while also sharing their stories and process with their colleagues and peers.

What does Learning Leaps look like?


Phase 1: Launch

Participants begin with an off-site dinner and evening workshop focused on discovery. Skilled facilitators guide leapers through a needs analysis and brainstorming sessions to help participants identify possible Leaps. Afterwards, each member has one week to refine their idea before they begin working on it.

Phase 2: Learn & Build

Participants then launch into weekly workshops and work sessions focused on Problem Solving, Prototyping, and Storytelling. Each week, the cohort receives next steps and support from Ei's team of instructors.


Phase 3: Share

At the end, we teach the core principles for writing and telling a compelling story. We even co-organize a final event for Leapers to share their stories as a culmination of their Leaps.

Leaps in Numbers...

Leap Stories

A Jeweler's Apprentice

Maria's Leap wasn't easy. The tools were unfamiliar, she cut herself frequently enough, and balancing a full family at home is no easy task. Maria's Leap is incredible because of the skill she learned, the resilience she discovered, and the story she's now able to tell.

Re-Designing Onboarding

When Brittany started working for her company, she saw a challenge. Rather than let it slide or just live with it, she took a Leap and prototyped a solution that was equal parts creative and delightful. It caught the attention of leadership and now she's working on a team to implement some of the solutions she developed as part of her Leap.

Technician to Artist

Russel's Leap impacted more than his creativity - his abilities directly impacted client-facing work. Russel's experience beautifully showcases how a Leap can be a personal passion project and an opportunity for professional development.

"The program gave me a chance to bring what I love into my work and create something new and tangible with my team."

Jose Peña | FONA

Focusing on the Whole Person

Participants are led through a series of workshops that include:


The ability to simply and clearly convey a message to a group of people is a powerful art that transcends disciplines and departments. Learning Leaps gives employees an opportunity to not only design a project, but also to share their story during a final storytelling night.

From start to finish, we emphasize stories - thinking about where to land, what message to tell, and the things needed to tell that story. One of our key assets is a Storytelling Workshop we host at the mid-point of the program.

Learning Leaps ends with a Storytelling Event where Leapers share what they learned in a 5-minute presentation at a company-wide event.


Great companies produce great work, but sometimes perfection can be the enemy of great. With an emphasis on Prototyping, we walk Leapers through concepts of rapid iteration, bias towards action, and creating low fidelity artifacts that help communicate an idea.

Aside from Launch Night, our Prototyping Workshop is one of the most catalytic, invigorating and motivating elements of our program. From hot glue guns and cardboard to sticky notes and pipe cleaners, we provide a smorgasbord of prototyping materials and teach a process that encourages people to get their hands dirty.

Though the materials are simple, the concept is transformative. We challenge participants to make their ideas concrete so they can fail fast and learn quickly.


Employees who can identify their strengths and passions are better able to incorporate them into their work, and become more productive and fulfilled. From day one, Self-awareness is baked into Learning Leaps.

Through partnered conversations and group collaborations, every participant has a chance to look back, look inward, and look ahead.

Through the prompts and exercises, Learning Leaps pushes participants to be more aware of what they can offer, what their colleagues can offer, and how to better collaborate across the team or company.

Problem Solving

Companies want employees that not only follow directions, but ones who can effectively identify problems and take initiative to solve them. Our curriculum includes core lessons in listening, prototyping, ideating, and testing new ideas quickly.

In choosing and carrying out their Leaps, participants learn how to frame challenges, explore a variety of solutions, maintain a bias towards action, navigate ambiguity, and draw on resources around them to successfully complete their projects.

One core idea we constantly encourage Leapers with is a Bias Towards Action. Even if a participant has no idea where they're going, they're challenged to take steps forward.

Additionally, framing a challenge in a generative way, instead of a limited perspective, is consistently something that encourages amazing results outside of a leap.

"Within a short period of time, I had a chance to make something meaningful and see real results. That felt amazing."

Tracie Roberson | Senior Copywriter | Leo Burnett