University Inquiry.

Hello there. Thank you for your interest in our Leap Semester Program.

How can I offer Leap Semester to my students?

Leap Semester is a 12-week work/study program that helps college students gain rea-world experience while earning full credit toward their college degrees. It powered by Experience Institute, Sage Corps, and Columbia College Chicago. Students simply to Leap Semester through Experience Institute. Once they are accepted, they will work with Sage Corps which will place students in an internship that matches their career goals. Students will enroll an in online course taught by Experience Institute in partnership with Columbia College Chicago (who will issue 15 credits).

What will Leap Semester students be doing?

Our students mix practical skills with real-world experiences. At Meetup, our team of instructors who’ve worked alongside MIT, Stanford, the Obama Campaign, etc. teach workshops and classes on five core competencies. Throughout the weeks in between, the Leap Semester team supports these individuals as they research and explore their fields of study through apprenticeships, online courses and creative projects around the world.

Who could benefit?

Leap Semester is designed for college students who are interested in receiving college credit for their Semester experiences while also learning transitional skills. Students are often strategists, designers, business developers, entrepreneurs, anthropologists, software developers or pursuing a field that benefits from a wider set of experiences and research. They’re interested in further education and are interested in designing their own path forward with a bright and caring community.