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Rethinking success and happiness, adapting to working from home, and tips for personal development.

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Welcome to issue No. 11 of Work Different — a weekly summary of the top articles focused on workplace culture and career development.

Lately, our society has become addicted to success and recognition. And in nearly every case, that addiction has negatively impacted our health and relationships. To some, being praised and recognized for professional achievement is more important than spending valuable time with loved ones, which takes a tremendous toll on marriage and relationships. In this piece, Arthur Brooks highlights how American culture valorizes overwork and career success, the science behind the addictive attributes of success, and the importance of finding balance between managing our careers and other meaningful pieces of our lives. The Atlantic.

Credit:  Marcus Cederberg

On Working from Home

Chances are you have been working from home since March. Have you noticed declines or improvements in your productivity and focus? Ongoing studies have found that remote work has provided both benefits and challenges to the overall work experience. While remote work provides more flexibility and personal safety, it is not conducive to building relationships and onboarding new employees. Additionally, companies that have implemented hybrid work environments are not necessarily seeing better outcomes than companies that are entirely remote. More experimentation and adaptation are sure to come. Harvard Business Review.

Credit:  Chiara Ghigliazza

On Personal Development

If you’re reading this Work Different note, you believe in the power of personal and professional development. But you also know the hurdles in the way of making those critical investments in yourself. Here, you’ll find six practices for topics related to self reflection, building healthier relationships, and embracing criticism. Do yourself a favor and grab a cup of coffee and notepad and read this one closely. If one stands out, be sure to reply. My personal favorite was the Trust Equation: (Trust = Credibility + Reliability + Authenticity) / Perception of Self Interest. First Round Review.

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Victor Saad


I’m an author, educator, and community builder living in Chicago. I started Experience Institute, an organization helping college students and career professionals learn and grow through short-term, real-world experiences.

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