Great ambitions need a few hefty shoves to get off the ground and start moving in the right direction.

Don’t be deterred if, at first, you experience some resistance to movement. It doesn’t mean that your ambitions aren’t going anywhere, just that they’re locked in a head-to-head battle with the Barrier of Inertia. Keep pushing. Focus on your goal, surround yourself with creative, action-oriented people, and celebrate each tiny budge.

If you’re in that uncomfortable pushing phase, you’re in good company. Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina spent six weeks in a university basement, subsisting on Skittles, Pepperidge Farm cookies, and Mountain Dew, to code a game-changing web browser. Yvon Chounard spent long, overwhelming days (and nights) of multitasking with an inexperienced staff before Patagonia was established. Tony Hsieh literally begged for venture capital from skeptical investors.

It takes more energy to get a ball rolling than to keep a ball rolling. Expect to put in your hardest work on the front end, until momentum builds and becomes a force of its own. Eventually, the stories of late nights and extra miles will become the stuff of legend.

By Laurah Hagen

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