An Accountability Village

July 19, 2016Student Blogs

I’ve always been a ‘get it done’ kind of person. I’m usually juggling more than one project or opportunity at a time. I don’t like wasting time or energy doing something that isn’t productive. There was once a time when I had three part time jobs, was a full-time student, volunteered as a weekly youth … Read More

Thanks, Doan

July 18, 2016Student Blogs

“So you’re doing it.” I knew I was. That’s the thing with Doan. He’s direct and concise. Even his physical frame embodies it with its bony angles. He cut through all my concerns to tell me what I already knew: I was joining Experience Institute. The jumping bean concerns in my head, You’re still in … Read More

Venture Building

July 15, 2016Student Blogs

We are all pretty familiar with the venture building process for most startup ecosystems; on one side of the table there’s business-people: investors, advisors, realists. On the other side, you have idea-people: entrepreneurs, founders, visionaries. In the fall, I sourced founders at a seed fund in Hong Kong. I was in the investor camp. In … Read More

Prototyping at civilla

July 14, 2016Student Blogs

I came to civilla not knowing all that much about the organization, besides hearing whispers from friends/classmates who have been there and shared back that there is magic in Detroit and that time at civilla can be life-course-altering. NBD. On my first day, I arrived slightly late and blurry eyed after a very delayed 3am … Read More

The most effective conversation starter

July 13, 2016Student Blogs

My daughter has grown up a lot in the past 10 months. She went from climbing and jumping on and off different surfaces to tirelessly running around, talking to everybody and exploring everything. Initiating conversations with random people is her new thing. Her line is simple, yet extremely effective: “Hi, I’m Luciana. What’s your name?” … Read More

Dear Future Experiencer

July 12, 2016Student Blogs

Dear Future Experiencer, Here we cross paths on this journey. You are heading into the uncharted wilderness, and I am on the path home. As a fellow experiencer, I wanted to impart a few pieces of advice on the terrain ahead. I cannot give you my map because the path I took is no longer … Read More

The Common Thread

June 23, 2016Student Blogs

Two weeks ago, I was working on a project to help me reflect on my past two terms and plan for the third. I found myself struggling to find a common thread between them. I felt stuck and I couldn’t seem to make sense of it. It was hard to focus and I felt like … Read More

Accepting defeat and moving on

June 17, 2016Student Blogs

When I heard that Copa America Centenario would be played in the United States, I was ecstatic. Although this month-long championship is played every four years, and it was hosted by Chile last year, the South American and North American soccer associations came together to organize a special edition that would commemorate the 100th year … Read More

I Have Witnessed. I Have Documented.

June 14, 2016Student Blogs

I wait for the time machine that will transport me back. Sometimes it takes me to the day I committed to Experience Institute last summer (Ei). It has transported me to the first day of Meetup to start Ei. I have found myself in November, on a random rainy day in New York.  Now it … Read More

A Value Proposition

June 14, 2016Student Blogs

What’s your unique value proposition? These words were displayed brightly on a white wall. My mind was spinning. The past three days at Meetup 3 had been a deep dive into exploring what my Ei year was shaping up to be and where I might head after it was over. I didn’t have an answer … Read More