Kickstarter Campaign Reflections

May 18, 2018Ei Community, Inspiration

Last week, the Ei community and I completed a month-long Kickstarter campaign for Leap Kit. The days leading up to the campaign and throughout the month of October were full of twists and turns. This post will be a space to capture and share the lessons learned from leading the kickstarter campaign. Hopefully, it can … Read More

Believe in Wandering

May 26, 2016Inspiration, Student Blogs

You are a wanderer: an apprentice of the unknown and the undiscovered. You walk with purpose through the fog, through a mission continuously fine-tuned. You leave behind the hopes and expectations of well-meaning, misguided wisdom. Your head-first plunge inward hitches a ride with your galactic travels outward. Your journey from the tip of your toes … Read More

State of the Union, 2016

February 10, 2016Ei Community, Ei Companies, Higher Education, Inspiration

Alright, so after googling State of the Union and watching a few past speeches it seemed like a good idea to write one for Experience Institute. Not because I think of myself as a president. It’s merely an interesting way to frame an honest look at our successes and failures in 2015 while sharing goals for 2016. … Read More

EXP2 Capstone Videos: Stories from our second class.

September 2, 2015Inspiration, Student Blogs

As a way of sharing learnings from their year, our students and videographer friends at Northbound Pictures produced brief Capstone Videos. These nine videos were on display at EXPO, but, amidst the inspired conversations and great company, may have been overlooked. Now, we’d like to point you directly to them and the remarkable stories they tell … Read More

Where are they now? Third and final term.

July 13, 2015Ei Community, Ei Companies, Inspiration

Our students are already well into their third and final term. And in less than two months they’ll be back in Chicago to share and celebrate at EXPO. Time is flying. Before this term is all but passed, we’d like to share where the students have landed and what work and learnings they’re tackling.

Student Stories: Term II

June 8, 2015Higher Education, Inspiration, Student Blogs

Before embarking on their third and final term, students employed story as a tool to reflect on their learnings from the previous three months. They’ve shared these learnings through photos, writing, and video. Click their names below to learn more about the paths they’ve blazed during Term II.

The Making of a Story

May 21, 2015Higher Education, Inspiration

At Ei, storytelling is one of five main components within our curriculum. We hold it in such high regard because it serves as a tool for reflection in all aspects of work and life. For the year at Ei, storytelling is a kind of synthesis by which we distill our learnings into a shareable and … Read More