State of the Union, 2016

February 10, 2016Ei Community, Ei Companies, Higher Education, Inspiration

Alright, so after googling State of the Union and watching a few past speeches it seemed like a good idea to write one for Experience Institute. Not because I think of myself as a president. It’s merely an interesting way to frame an honest look at our successes and failures in 2015 while sharing goals for 2016. … Read More

Where are they now? Third and final term.

July 13, 2015Ei Community, Ei Companies, Inspiration

Our students are already well into their third and final term. And in less than two months they’ll be back in Chicago to share and celebrate at EXPO. Time is flying. Before this term is all but passed, we’d like to share where the students have landed and what work and learnings they’re tackling.

Redesigning the Workplace: A Class with Bandwidth Labs

July 29, 2014Ei Companies, Inspiration

Every workshop is rooted in a key problem in which the participants are going to address. In this case, we decided to focus on redesigning the way we work. For Bandwidth, it was a problem that was just far enough outside of their everyday jobs that it would push them to think differently, yet close enough to their world where they could see and feel the necessity for new ideas.

Ei meets Leo

February 17, 2014Ei Community, Ei Companies

Moments like these, the ones where people choose to join forces and embark on meaningful journeys together, are the moments that define our lives and make history.