Leo Burnett

Building a culture of curiousity

In a large fast-moving advertising agency, envisioning and planning a career path can feel daunting for an employee. Leo Burnett was looking for a suite of programs that would invite any employee to try out new skills and projects, play with re-designing parts of the business that weren’t performing, and build muscles around continuous learning and curiosity.

In partnership with the Learning and Development team, Ei has produced 8 Leo Leaps programs in which employees tackle a challenge or explore a passion in their life or within the agency. The program guides participants from big idea to telling their story of the final product on stage through workshops and 1:1 coaching in design thinking, user research, prototyping, and storytelling.

Heading into its 9th cohort, graduates of Leo Leaps continually return to their roles more connected to their peers and transformed with a set of sharpened skills and a sense of agency and empowerment.