Keeping the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

The Challenge

As the company rapidly scaled from a small, scrappy team to hundreds of full-time employees, leadership wondered how they might maintain the same entrepreneurial spirit that got the company off the ground.

Our Solution

Beginning with a series of strategy sessions, Ei helped RXBAR incorporate its values into their hiring process, and prototyped a learning and development strategy that would foster skills in growth mindset and design thinking. Armed with positive feedback and results from employees, RXBAR hosted RX Leaps in 2019.

Workshop Outcomes

In just 3 months, the RX Leaps program resulted in 20 new, employee-led projects around personal and company challenges. As a result, employees reported feeling more connected to people in other departments and to the company overall, more empowered to take initiative when they encountered challenges in their work, and more comfortable prototyping and receiving feedback from peers. Leadership was able to witness and unlock the entrepreneurial potential of their growing team.

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