Bridges will always connect the disconnected.

While discussing the values of Experience Institute with friends, the topic of bridges came up and excitedly waited for my chance to chime in.

I have always been quite fascinated by bridges and it’s pretty odd that I am, mainly because I am not an architect nor do I have any aspirations in becoming one. But, if I had the opportunity to build anything, it would be a bridge. And, here’s why.

Bridges are extremely diverse and purposeful. They can be made out of a variety of materials, have a simple or complex design, showcase a piece of history, be a work of art, or it purely serves its function: to provide a rather effortless way for people to get from Point A to Point B and back, or lead you to Point C and so on. Whatever the path, obstacles are no longer hindering you from reaching your desired destination. Of course the term “bridge” is also used metaphorically, and more recently a buzzword, but regardless if it’s something you can or cannot touch; bridges will always connect the disconnected.

As I was pondering how “bridge” could be a descriptor for Ei, it dawned on me that the school itself isn’t the bridge; rather it is the warehouse with all of the resources necessary to successfully build the bridge. The building materials, foundation of support, and community of consultants is Experience Institute. The architects, engineers, and workers are its students, as they are the planners, designers, laborers, and the lucky individuals that get to cut that yellow ribbon upon the bridge’s completion. And after all of that hard work, they get to cross that bridge and what was once just a dream is now reality.

Now, take a moment for yourself to imagine that feeling of crossing that bridge you spent months to build. Confidently moving forward, knowing that each step is getting you closer to the other side, and then you’re there. Point B. And who knows, maybe you’ll build others that will take you to Point C-Z. Most importantly, you know you have what it takes to build bridges anywhere you see a disconnect.

Feels amazing, doesn’t it? And, this is why I like bridges.

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