Facilitator Bios

Victor Saad

Two years ago, I became curious about learning practical ways to improve the world.
After researching business schools, I decided my options were either too expensive or less than what I was looking for, so I took one year to create a self-made Masters Program based on apprenticeship and experience. I called it The Leap Year Project and traveled around several states and countries to work with some of the best and brightest. By the end, the project had sparked a conversation around taking risks to create change and several people took leaps of their own. We compiled our stories into a book and an end-of-project TEDx talk.
Learning through experience gave me a deeper understanding of the theory behind good business and social change, while also teaching me the adaptability necessary to make things work in our new economy. I believe this type of experience-based education provides transformative lessons, costs far less than current models, and can equip individuals to face today’s problems with an inventive spirit. Now, through this new school, a great team and I are building bridges to innovative individuals, companies, and organizations to create a new type of Higher Education based on experience.
When I’m not meeting with Ei students or teammates, I’m normally on a plane to a new place or across the table from a good friend.

Megan Bhatia

Megan Bhatia consults companies and coaches individuals to intentionally create interactive experiences (presentations, meetings, conferences, workshops, retreats) that bring the participants to their own powerful realizations. Her corporate and nonprofit clients report an increased engagement in the workplace, more accountable employees and happier customers. Megan’s individual career coaching clients better understand their strengths/skills and the creative process, learn how to get into action, become empowered to take on new learning curves, and learn the skills to design a life they love!

Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom

Aaron provides leadership and coordination for Ei’s signature one-year program and corporate program. Previously, Aaron supported the development of Henry Ford Learning Institute’s K-12 core curriculum and related professional development programs for teachers, partners, and educational communities. Prior to joining HFLI in 2007, Aaron was a founding advisor/teacher at University Preparatory High School in Detroit, a charter school in the Big Picture network. His commitment to innovative, student-centered education and educational reform began as an undergraduate, when he was a counselor at the High/Scope Institute for IDEAS summer program for teens. Aaron earned a BA in Social Sciences from the University of Michigan’s Residential College in 1995 and an MA in Education and his secondary Teacher Certification from the University of Michigan in 2000.