What is Biomimicry?

I’ve been immersed in biomimicry for four months. My experiences in New York City and South Africa this fall have confirmed that biomimicry—as a practice and discipline—is emerging and diverse. The undercurrent of my year is to explore the field and start to understand how I might add value alongside those working in this emerging … Read More

by Jake Jones

Learning by grace

As the end of my first term at Civilla draws near, I can’t help but think about the mistakes I’ve made. It’s funny how my mind tends to center on the mess-ups. Maybe it was my upbringing or maybe it’s an innate tendency to see what is wrong versus what is right in situations. Whatever … Read More

by James Paek

Designing the Life you Want

My wife and I set out to make 2015 the year in which we would take control of our lives, or as I call it: design our lives. Recently, I was talking with some friends and was telling them that designing a life meant that I was going to take control of my time, my … Read More

by Leandro Martinez

battling writing demons: one month, 50,000 words

I committed my November to writing a 50,000-word novel inspired by the NaNoWriMo project. I’m a very self-conscious writer. Writing is a puzzle where the pieces—story, grammar, flow, context, and voice—shift when I add or change a word. If I follow the rules, I can be a decent writer, but I don’t want to spend my … Read More

by Derek Kessinger

Generalist vs Specialist: Which is Better?

In the age old debate, generalist vs specialist, which is better? A few weeks ago, I went to an after work design event. It was billed as an intro to design in my new city, but it quickly became clear that it was more of an advice for wet-behind-the-ears-designers kind of evening… but there were … Read More

by Michelle Krasny

Missed | Gained

I have missed four important birthdays, the wedding invitation of my best friend of twenty-three years, my sister’s favorite holiday, early morning breakfasts and late night porch-sits, scribbled notes left on bathroom mirrors, weekend hikes in the afternoon, coffee cup scandals, wool socks over pant legs, sloshing streets, and the smell of pine. I will … Read More

by Kacie McGeary

Little Did I Know

It’s pouring down rain. I rode a motorbike through a Bali downpour to get here, and I am still dripping with warm rain water. “Welcome to the rainy season” is what the locals like to say. When we walked into the coffee shop, a lady brought us napkins to dry ourselves. It was not as … Read More

by Alexandria Duke

Diving into our imaginations

On a recent biomimicry workshop in South Africa, I roamed the Savannah with 20 other participants as we learned about the local ecosystems, the flora, the fauna, and the connections between them all. At the end of the week-long workshop, we were given a design-thinking challenge to apply a biologically-inspired concept to human needs. The … Read More

by Jake Jones


Moments: brief periods of time that can be remembered for five minutes, five years, or five hundred years, depending on their importance. Growing up, I never thought much of moments. I had fun at my 10th birthday party, on all of those horseback rides through the rolling hills of Plymouth, and on the endless number of … Read More

by Alexandria Duke

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Strive to be better, not perfect

Wait. You’re telling me that you went from sleeping on a couch to being a millionaire in a year? This is without winning the lottery? This is just by working hard? You got lucky, you guess? I don’t buy it. All I’m getting from this, is that you’re selfish and you’re just trying to discourage … Read More

by Leandro Martinez

Writing my own story

During my class’s first meetup, Seamus Harte, our storytelling instructor from Stanford’s d.school, said something rather profound about storytelling: “Nothing makes sense. We make sense of things. That’s storytelling.” “What will you do next?” As a college senior, I get this question a lot, but it seems to be lurking around every corner now that graduation … Read More

by Kali Lewis


On my second day in Indonesia, I was handed a phrase. I wasn’t quite sure how to dissect it, or whether or not it had any implications that would affect me, but after four weeks, I am beginning to understand its meaning. We were standing in an open kitchen, wrapped in the heat of Canggu, … Read More

by Kacie McGeary

Am I a flake?

Since graduating college, a group of my friends and I have kept up a pretty regular video chat. We touch base every few months and update each other on our crazy new fad diets, our weird minimalism kicks, our moves, our jobs and our loves. As wonderful as it’s been to get to watch my … Read More

by Michelle Krasny

Geodesic Domes: No Place Like Home

The month of October was packed with all types of consciousness and technology explorations. These experiences covered conferences such as Transformative Technology and Science and Nonduality, immersive studies involving interactions with subtle vibrational energy systems, as well as attending workshops and consciousness hacking events. “We need to find within technology that there is something we … Read More

by Gareth Gwyn

Pride before the leap

I knew that taking a leap to design a year of education would be challenging. I was leaving a steady salary, a meaningful job, and proximity to my friends and family. As I was saying my “See you laters” I began to mentally prepare myself for these challenges, but nothing could have prepared me for … Read More

by James Paek
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