Actually, Very few things are impossible.

Don’t confuse “not common” or “not likely” with “not possible”.

Most things that are worth doing take a ton of work and bull-headed determination, but in the end, they’re possible.

The fact is, somebody has to earn a living making hand-glazed ceramic dining ware. Somebody has to travel the world writing adventure guidebooks, blend teas for the newest Fair Trade import company, dance with the Rockettes on Broadway, win Golden Globes, design video games and __[your dream goes here]__.

It could be exceptionally difficult and competitive, involving an insane amount of effort, focus, and determination. But somebody has to do it (invent it, organize it, write it, etc.) It might as well be you.

If you’re wondering whether your goal is too crazy or ambitious, ask yourself, “Is it possible?” Don’t confuse “not common” or “not likely” with “not possible”. Unless something goes against the laws of nature or the universe, it is.

When something IS possible, you have exactly two options: Either you make it happen, or, you don’t.

By Laurah Hagen

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