The Common Thread

June 23, 2016Student Blogs

Two weeks ago, I was working on a project to help me reflect on my past two terms and plan for the third. I found myself struggling to find a common thread between them. I felt stuck and I couldn’t seem to make sense of it. It was hard to focus and I felt like … Read More

Accepting defeat and moving on

June 17, 2016Student Blogs

When I heard that Copa America Centenario would be played in the United States, I was ecstatic. Although this month-long championship is played every four years, and it was hosted by Chile last year, the South American and North American soccer associations came together to organize a special edition that would commemorate the 100th year … Read More

I Have Witnessed. I Have Documented.

June 14, 2016Student Blogs

I wait for the time machine that will transport me back. Sometimes it takes me to the day I committed to Experience Institute last summer (Ei). It has transported me to the first day of Meetup to start Ei. I have found myself in November, on a random rainy day in New York.  Now it … Read More

A Value Proposition

June 14, 2016Student Blogs

What’s your unique value proposition? These words were displayed brightly on a white wall. My mind was spinning. The past three days at Meetup 3 had been a deep dive into exploring what my Ei year was shaping up to be and where I might head after it was over. I didn’t have an answer … Read More

Lefse, Latkes and Legacy

June 14, 2016Student Blogs

Last night, I signed up to attend a GroupThink in my new home, Fargo. The topic was legacy. In my work with heritage, culture and cooking, I often think about the legacy that has been passed down to me, mostly because it doesn’t feel like much.  The recipes from my dad’s side, along with religious … Read More