Pride before the leap

October 18, 2015Student Blogs

I knew that taking a leap to design a year of education would be challenging. I was leaving a steady salary, a meaningful job, and proximity to my friends and family. As I was saying my “See you laters” I began to mentally prepare myself for these challenges, but nothing could have prepared me for … Read More

When she jumped and I wasn’t ready yet

October 15, 2015Student Blogs

Luciana never really crawled. She went from sitting to standing to walking at the 9-month mark. Now, she is two years old and her new thing is jumping. She loves doing it. She jumps on the bed, on the couch, and basically on any surface she can stand on. The word “fear” has not made … Read More

I Learned How to Pick Better Experiences So You Don’t Have to

October 15, 2015Student Blogs

My first apprenticeship was not the right fit for me and it ended, on mutual terms, two weeks after it started. I learned a lot from the experience and will use that knowledge moving forward. I want to share my thoughts on picking the right apprenticeship. These principles can apply to any new partnership, consulting … Read More

A Stranger’s Wisdom

October 15, 2015Student Blogs

Talking to strangers has never come naturally to me. I have spent the majority of my life dodging small talk and mastering the art of avoiding eye contact. For some reason this fear is heightened on airplanes. I typically shy from all conversation until I have my carry-on in hand and my destination in sight, … Read More

The Underdog

October 15, 2015Student Blogs

  “You got no time for the messenger, Got no regard for the thing that you don’t understand, You got no fear of the underdog, That’s why you will not survive.” – Spoon, The Underdog October 13th, I’m sitting on a bright orange couch in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, sifting through business cards from this … Read More

Off to the other side of the world

October 13, 2015Student Blogs

San Francisco > Taiwan > Bali I’m 43,100 feet in the air, traveling at 644 miles per hour. It’s -54 degrees outside my double-paned window. I spent seven days knowingly leading up to this moment and I’m still having trouble processing the fact I’m hovering over the International Date Line, above the vast mystery of the Pacific … Read More

Breaking down

October 13, 2015Student Blogs

You’re probably thinking this blog post is going to be about me having a serious mental and emotional breakdown. I won’t deny having some small ones in this past month, but I’m referring more so to an important lesson I’ve learned. I’m the kind of person who looks at the big picture, the big end … Read More

Living with tension

October 13, 2015Student Blogs

Living with “what now?” These last few weeks I’ve been reading a Seth Godin book, What to Do When It’s Your Turn. In it, he talks about the idea that living with tension – the space before resolution – is where possibility, art and creativity are born. This idea really resonated with me. I often … Read More