Wind and sails

July 27, 2015Student Blogs

Last week my friend James invited me to join him for a day of sailing on the South China Sea. I’ve always enjoyed boats – it’s actually a prerequisite to being a true Minnesotan – but ones with sails instead of outboard motors are a bit foreign to me. I was comforted in knowing that … Read More

Owning it

July 23, 2015Student Blogs

Every three months we’ve changed our place and our people. The movement is exhilarating. Throwing ourselves into the new and unknown keeps us awake and so alive to the world. We’re giving it everything we’ve got. We’re also riding just along the edge of exhaustion. This third time around, I’m definitely feeling a subtle bit … Read More

A month of being

July 21, 2015Student Blogs

Sometimes all you need is space. Space to reflect. Space to work through something. Space to explore. Ei has allowed me this space. Through the year-long framework of apprenticeships and meetups, I have a container in which to experiment, learn, grow, and iterate. The past month has been one of taking things slow – appreciating … Read More

Trust, and step forward

July 14, 2015Student Blogs

When I signed up for Ei, I knew that I would be stretching myself, and walking in places and doing things completely unfamiliar to me. I just didn’t know how challenging it would be. Nowhere was this more apparent to me than three weeks ago when I was trying to determine where to spend my … Read More

Where are they now? Third and final term.

July 13, 2015Ei Community, Ei Companies, Inspiration

Our students are already well into their third and final term. And in less than two months they’ll be back in Chicago to share and celebrate at EXPO. Time is flying. Before this term is all but passed, we’d like to share where the students have landed and what work and learnings they’re tackling.

Finding clarity in the climb

July 9, 2015Student Blogs

“Find some beautiful art and admire it, and realize that that was created by human beings just like you, no more human, no less.” – Maya Angelou No one can be more human than you. I have these words etched in black ink along the bone of my left forearm. These eight little words remind … Read More