The Making of a Story

At Ei, storytelling is one of five main components within our curriculum. We hold it in such high regard because it serves as a tool for reflection in all aspects of work and life. For the year at Ei, storytelling is a kind of synthesis by which we distill our learnings into a shareable and … Read More

by Dane Johnson

Hi, IDEO: Collaboration between IDEO CHICAGO & Ei

I was one of those kids who thought superheroes were real. Capes. Tights. Feats of wonder. All of it fascinated me. And I’d be lying if I told you I’ve totally moved on from that belief. As I grew older, however, I began looking beyond laser eyes, super strength, or teleportation. Instead, I became fascinated … Read More

Victor Saad

Apprentice vs Intern: What’s the difference?

It’s popularly inferred that an intern’s role revolves around coffee runs and paper pushing. But would you expect an apprentice to do the same? What is the difference between the label apprentice vs intern? We think so. At Experience Institute, we’ve created a new model for learning and skill acquisition that utilizes apprenticeships and projects … Read More

by Dane Johnson

Stop Spamming Employers and Potential Clients

Rewind my life back 1 year. I was prepping for graduation, working a job that – though I didn’t hate – wasn’t right for me, and searching for a job after college. At that point, I would have taken anything that was more interesting with better pay. My background in communication had prepared me well … Read More

by Toph Carter