Learning to Love the Error Message

Over the past few months, I’ve taken a deep dive into software development with Dev Bootcamp. In this time, I’ve learned immense amounts about the technical aspects of writing code. I’ve also learned there are emotional strengths that can be as vital to success in this space as intellectual ones. The process of making software … Read More

by Nicole McCabe

The Power of an Introduction

This year has had no shortage of new hellos. I’ve done it all: cold emails, requested introductions, brokered new friendships, and been on the receiving end of serious professional generosity. And with each small act of connection, I’ve relearned the importance of a powerful, and personal, introduction. I’m reminded of an experience from a few … Read More

by Melanie Kahl

Be More Like MacGyver

My dad was a teacher-turned-mechanic for nearly 20 years. He and my mom owned a repair shop and storefront in the small town where I grew up. In the front, they sold gas, treats, and shitty coffee. In the back, my dad worked on farmers’ trucks and the local pastor’s van. When I was tall … Read More

by Zak Tracy

Magic in the Unexpected

I’m halfway through my second term at Experience Institute and am still amazed that I’ve been in Paris for the last six weeks. Eight weeks ago, I did not know what this term would be like for me. Opportunities were up in the air, and there were very few clues to predict which ones would … Read More

by Tuere Wiggins

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Where are they now: An alumni update on Joe Burgum

At 20 years old, Joe Burgum was the youngest and most clean-shaven student in Ei’s founding class. But what he lacked in years, traditional schooling and facial hair, he made up for with an infectious entrepreneurial spirit and love for community that had already seen him start a community project called Alley Fair and launch … Read More

by Dane Johnson

Ps =(T-D)V/W

In aircraft design and analysis, there is an equation called specific excess thrust. This equation describes how fast an aircraft can climb given its current state, making it an important indicator of maneuverability and performance. The equation for specific excess thrust (Ps) is as follows Ps =(T-D)V/W where T is thrust, D is drag, V … Read More

by Jonathan Lazatin

Fighting Where You Are

I chose this place. I chose to be here – out west in big sky country. It really is all sky. Laid out in front of you is a blanket of gentle hills freckled with yucca; but the land is so vast it’s only a borderline to all that is blue. It takes my breath … Read More

by Olenka Hand

The Learning is in the Weeds

When you start something new, inevitably you reach a point where you get stuck. You don’t know how to approach a problem, you realize the software you’re using doesn’t have a capability you need, or you have a strategy for something that you don’t know how to execute tactically. We’ve all been there. This term … Read More

by Chevy Williams

Where are they now: An alumni update on Carisa Leal

At Ei, we urge our students to know themselves (Self-Awareness is a core competency in our curriculum) and then determine how their strengths can meet a need in the world. This week, we catch up with Austin-based Carisa Leal, one of the five students from Ei’s Founding Class, as she is building a career on … Read More

by Dane Johnson