I have been playing an ongoing game of charades for two weeks. I made the decision to move to Madrid and work with Soulsight for my second term with Experience institute. Not only is the work new and exciting, but it’s also in Spanish. … and my rusty Spanish is Mexican-Spanish, not Spain-Spanish. It’s not … Read More

by Toph Carter

Girls Driving for a Difference

At Experience Institute, we’re used to having conversations with people who are learning to risk and risking to learn, who want to take their education into their own hands, and who are at the edge of taking a leap to create something great. Even in that context, the Girls Driving for a Difference team is … Read More

by Sunshine LeMontree

Where Are They Now: Alumni Update on April Soetarman

In Fall 2013, we started with 5 students. After 12 months of learning through experience, our first class graduated this past September. Since then, they’ve been keeping busy. Muffadal is developing a regenerative tourism ecosystem in Nicaragua, while Dane is working as a freelance digital storyteller with friends and creatives. Carisa is on her way … Read More

by Sunshine LeMontree

Strange. Familiar. Pt 2.

A home away from home “There’s another art of being at home in the unknown…” – Rebecca Solnit, Field Guide to Getting Lost In my previous post, I reflected on using local creative retreats to make my familiar Chicago home feel new and exciting. But one the more familiar challenges of Experience Institute is creating … Read More

by Melanie Kahl

Strange. Familiar.

Part of this year is about putting yourself out there. About seeking experiences that help you find the familiar in faraway places. But for me, staying in Chicago these last few months, a home I’ve known for 10 years, I’ve struggled with a different challenge. How do I find novelty and adventure in a home … Read More

by Melanie Kahl

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Open Hands

I was that girl who could walk down a couple hundred blocks, navigating all the signs and crosswalks, gently dodging all the people passing by, without ever lifting my eyes from the pages of my book. I lost myself in reading. Waiting for appointments and waiting in lines were like hitting the jackpot – more … Read More

by Olenka Hand

Reframing Optimism

Not with a bang but a whimper. That’s how my first apprenticeship ended. On my final Thursday at the office, my two supervisors took me to lunch. I could sense the regret, sheepishness, and disappointment hanging in the air — I think we all felt it. The end of my time there really snuck up … Read More

by Stephanie Kang