Building a Brand is Building a Movement

As I make plans for the next term, I am reminded of one of my first conversations with Victor about my learning goals: Imagine you are a child with a strong sense of wonder in a backyard. There are many places to go and things to do in this yard. What will you dig into? … Read More

by Chevy Williams


The first term of Ei has come and gone. As I reflect on the stream of opportunity, serendipity, and community that I have been following throughout the fall, I find myself at a new beginning. Two weeks before the start of Meetup 2, I began my winter apprenticeship at Design Tech High School ( in … Read More

by Jonathan Lazatin

Ruminations on The Creative

Ruminations on The Creative from Lance H. Stein on Vimeo. Creativity. To bring concepts to life. Make reality from thought. We’re all creative, aren’t we? Sure. But some of us call ourselves Creatives. Capital C. Noun. Not adjective.

by Lance Henderstein

9 Ways to Fail at Goal Setting for the New Year

Goals are powerful. They can extend our vision and move us closer to our potential. They make it easier to create plans and to prioritize our lives so that we can accomplish what we set out to do. They can help us realize that the seemingly impossible is achievable when we put our whole force … Read More

by Toph Carter