How many times have you made assumptions about a person based on their appearance? Most of the time we don’t realize we’re doing so. We catch a glimpse of a stranger and create a story in our minds about them with limited and superficial information distorted by our biases, perceptions, and past experiences. But the … Read More

by Tuere Wiggins

Dream Prototyping

Dreams. Those vague images that we hold in disconnected clouds above our heads. We all have them and we can all make them a reality in the same way that we design other things. Design is for dreams too.

by Debbie Paterson

Notes On Conducting Research Interviews

Two of my projects involve conducting interviews, so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks interviewing a very large number of people for the very first time in my life. These are some other things I’ve learned about interviewing people.

by Nicole McCabe


During the first Ei Meetup in September, Victor explained the concept of la dérive: an unplanned journey, a passage through varied surroundings that ultimately allows for new perspectives.

by Stephanie Kang

From Vancouver

There’s a lot of work behind those stories of inspiration and self-discovery, and after a couple weeks, the monotony began to steal some of the magic I felt at the beginning.

by Lance Henderstein

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The Beauty of Asking Questions

A few months ago as I was interviewing for Ei, the beauty of asking questions made itself known in a big way. I’ve had a sincere appreciation for being curious my whole life. Curiosity allowed me to jump into new situations when I didn’t know how to participate. The focus wasn’t on me when I was doing the asking.

by Olenka Hand