Why do people go on adventures? Sometimes our journeys have a practical purpose. Other times we go where the wind takes us. In either case, we grow through our wanderings.

by Toph Carter

Fill Your Heart and Let the Universe Shrink

As I chart my course into the unknown, allowing the winds of change to shift my narrative as it is written, I know that to truly make the most of this experience I must share it. I hope my stories fill your heart and shrink your universe so that the stars don’t seem so far—because they’re not. Within this short time since starting Ei, I have found myself in the company of those who seemed so distant before, and by hearing their stories I have learned that the greatness of our heroes does not come from how they are different but how they are like us—human.

by Jonathan Lazatin

Fall Term: Student Experiences

From Chicago to Vancouver to the Bay Area and beyond, these 12 individuals are learning and doing in diverse environments across a range of fields and industries. It’s exciting. It’s hard work. And it’s all part of the design-your-education process.

by Sunshine LeMontree

Prototype Year

click to enlarge Gap year? Leap year? Sabbatical? A very busy break? When people asked, “What are you doing this year?” I didn’t quite know what to say. I went through a phase where I referred to it as my learning sabbatical, but that didn’t quite fit. Sabbatical shares a root with the Hebrew term … Read More

by Melanie Kahl

The spark you’ve been looking for.

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On Learning and Starting Over

As I begin this year of transformational learning at Ei, I’m finding myself at that familiar intersection of being inspired and uncomfortable. But, I recognize that this intersection is where real learning happens.

by Chevy Williams

Remembering My True Self (Or Who I Always Have Been)

It is challenging to live differently than I lived for 37 years. It feels disorienting and strange. Sometimes it hurts. And it is a gift. It is a gift to be in a position to intentionally immerse myself in uncertainty at this point in life. I believe it is worth it to to exchange comfort and convenience for the deep satisfaction that will come from listening to myself and choosing to pursue work that is closely aligned with who I am.

by Tuere Wiggins

Red Violin

College graduates face a different world than that of their parents. In a 2013 survey, over 40% of recent college graduates are unemployed and 16% are in part time positions. A degree employers are looking for is experience, skill, and potential value a candidate can offer. These cannot be taught in a traditional educational setting, by reading books and attending lectures, but need to be learned through doing.

by Toph Carter

That’s What This Year Is About

I have come to think of this year with Ei as my own sort of meditation practice. It means accepting what I don’t know, and letting go of the need to have all the answers right now. It means remembering that even when I do find a clearer direction, that goal may change as well. It means embracing and fostering my relationship with uncertainty, while continuing to be brave as I pursue the life I want.

by Stephanie Kang

Meet the Ei Coaches

Coaches are Ei team members who work with a small cohort of students (3-4), providing weekly social-emotional support, useful feedback, and practical life and career guidance. They act both as sustainers-of-courage and demanders-of-accountability.

by Sunshine LeMontree
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