Learn to Use a Compass Instead of a Map

The purpose of education should be akin to exploration—a burning curiosity and the optimistic belief that there is something better out there. We should be teaching students to ask questions and empowering them with the skills to find their own answers. Today’s tools and systems will not be sufficient to solve tomorrow’s problems.

by Jonathan Lazatin

Media, Technology, and Experimentation

There is a deeply ingrained ethos of experimentation, often just for experimentation’s sake, that results in a constant stream of innovation. I want to apply this ethos to media to create stories that are not only accessible, but immersive, engaging, curious, and joyfully experimental.

by Nicole McCabe

The Very Best of Me May Come Together Again

I can’t predict where I might be at the end of this week, let alone the end of this term, or this year. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that I will not be the same person writing this essay: a culture-shocked Tokyoite finding his footing in Chicago, a native son rediscovering his American edge, a teacher trying to become a student.

by Lance Henderstein

Thanks Doejo SPACE & Mobile Makers!

For Ei, learning happens everywhere. We don’t have a campus. Our classrooms occur amidst a jungle of skyscrapers and coffee shops, offices and community spaces. Our students learn among a diverse population and study in diverse settings, embracing circumstances that challenge them to adapt and grow.

by Sunshine LeMontree

Welcome, Class of 2015!

While our founding students focused on designing their graduation, a new class of 12 remarkable individuals transitioned into Ei and began their first Meetup. Over the past two weeks, they’ve engaged in design thinking, storytelling, and self-awareness workshops. Amidst a slew of phone calls and interviews, they’ve declared mission statements and drafted proposals in preparation … Read More

by Sunshine LeMontree

The spark you’ve been looking for.

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Five Videos From Year 1

From theatrical event production in Chicago to the contemplation of spirituality in the deserts of New Mexico, from an airship built in a remote village in the Philippines to the marriage of music and architecture in Seattle, these are the stories of five individuals who designed their masters through experience.

by Sunshine LeMontree

Name Tags Can Change the World

By knowing someone’s name we are given a key – the key to that individual. Their name is their identity; it’s how we remember them. If everyone we interacted with literally had a name to their face, I believe that we would all gain a new level of empathy for others.

by Joe Burgum