Redesigning the Workplace: A Class with Bandwidth Labs

July 29, 2014Ei Companies, Inspiration

Every workshop is rooted in a key problem in which the participants are going to address. In this case, we decided to focus on redesigning the way we work. For Bandwidth, it was a problem that was just far enough outside of their everyday jobs that it would push them to think differently, yet close enough to their world where they could see and feel the necessity for new ideas.

Defining “Storyteller”

July 17, 2014Inspiration, Student Blogs

Effective and meaningful storytelling doesn’t begin with heaps of creativity, and it doesn’t always lead to such gratifying reactions from an audience. Instead, it begins when someone’s willing to keep quiet long enough to listen to the world around them.

Meet the Good Life Project: Vitality, Connection, and Contribution

July 11, 2014Student Blogs

This year, two classmates and I were lucky enough to be among the dynamic crowd at the Misfit Conference. The conference is directed toward self-proclaimed misfits; those who move against the strong current of the status quo to live life with intention and do work that matters. The attendees ranged from iOS developers and marketing experts, … Read More

The Art of Storytelling

July 9, 2014Student Blogs

Storytelling predates written communication. Stories have been shared in every culture that exists. Whether instilling moral values, recounting ancestral heritage or passing down culture through the generations, the entire fabric of our lives and existence of humanity is simply series of stories intricately woven together. It’s a key component of the curriculum at Experience Institute, … Read More

Road-Tripping Solo

July 4, 2014Student Blogs

To begin my last Ei term, I drove from Austin, Texas to Santa Monica, California through the Southwest desert lands. It’s interesting what happens when you willingly spend over 7 hours alone, confined in a moving vehicle, driving through the desert with nowhere to go but forward.