Being Enlightened

December 20, 2013Student Blogs

I’m a California native used to plenty of sunlight year-round. I’m still trying to adjust to the cold and dark Chicago weather here at my first apprenticeship. So when the sun started setting around 5pm, I asked if we could get some extra lights around the office. After a couple jokes (“Hey California girl, we … Read More

The Art of Team

December 18, 2013Student Blogs

Teams are the glue that bind everything together in our world. There’s lots of frameworks and models freely accessible about different functional pieces of a venture like finance, business model, sales, marketing, community building, social media, organic farming, etc. The tools to learn all of these practices, and more, already exist. There’s a difference between … Read More

Lessons from the Warehouse

December 13, 2013Student Blogs

This past week I volunteered to organize a product photo-shoot for our holiday campaign. Immediately after I thought to myself, “Whoa. Did I really just do that?” and my heart started to beat a little faster.

Ideas and Stuff

December 12, 2013Student Blogs

Great ideas often occur while you’re waiting for your entree. At one point, everything was a far-fetched idea. When the Wright Brothers were trying to fly, people thought that their idea was crazy. The thought that someone could have 10,000 songs in their pocket seemed impossible in the days of 8-tracks. The fact that Amazon … Read More

Perfectionists Anonymous

December 4, 2013Student Blogs

Everyone gather around in a circle and remember that this is a safe place. If you can’t read my name tag already, let me introduce myself: My name is Dane Johnson, and I’m a perfectionist.