Orly Genger’s “Hot Rod”: A Woven Rope, a Woven Life.

November 27, 2013Student Blogs

We are a product of our life experiences and social interactions, woven with time. I was recently presented with an opportunity to assist a well-known and established NYC artist, Orly Genger. Although Orly is a NYC based artist, she has roots here in Chicago as she studied at the School of the Art Institute of … Read More

The Beauty of an Ugly Prototype

November 22, 2013Student Blogs

At Island Vibes, I met Fred who had recently taken a permaculture design course at a newly developed piece of land. Fred spoke of a gasifier machine he learned about at the course which sounded remarkable. They launched a community project to build one – a wood stove that runs a generator, produces gasoline, runs … Read More

SEEK and you shall find

November 21, 2013Student Blogs

Last Saturday, Dekalb, Illinois was the center of the design universe. Some snickered at the claim, but most attendees of the SEEK Design Conference were noticeably enamored by the high caliber presenters who dazzled them with stories, lessons, and hopes for the future of design.

The Universe Conspires…

November 20, 2013Student Blogs

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemis A few weeks ago, a friend reached out to me asking for career advice as he transitions out of graduate school and into the workplace. I offered some helpful suggestions and while I couldn’t help point … Read More

Say yes, Show Up, Stay Late

November 13, 2013Student Blogs

What hasn’t ever started with a yes? Saying yes opens doors. A mindset that is willing to trying something new ultimately leads to new opportunities.

Level Up

November 8, 2013Student Blogs

I’m only an occasional gamer, but I’ve realized most video games share a similar progression. Basically, you start out in a safer area where you learn how to move around the world—push boxes, unlock doors, or shoot that plasma cannon. As you gain more skills, each level then gets successively harder: the puzzles get trickier; … Read More

8 Informational Interview Tips

November 6, 2013Student Blogs

One of the most exciting questions I’ve learned to ask this year is, “Would you be willing to entertain a phone call with me about the work you do?”