Victor Saad

Two years ago, I became curious about learning practical ways to improve the world.

After researching business schools, I decided my options were either too expensive or less than what I was looking for, so I took one year to create a self-made Masters Program based on apprenticeship and experience. I called it The Leap Year Project and  traveled around several states and countries to work with some of the best and brightest. By the end, the project had sparked a conversation around taking risks to create change and several people took leaps of their own. We compiled our stories into a book and an end-of-project TEDx talk.

Learning through experience gave me a deeper understanding of the theory behind good business and social change, while also teaching me the adaptability necessary to make things work in our new economy. I believe this type of experience-based education provides transformative lessons, costs far less than current models, and can equip individuals to face today’s problems with an inventive spirit. Now, through this new school, a great team and I are building bridges to innovative individuals, companies, and organizations to create a new type of Higher Education based on experience.

When I’m not meeting with Ei students or teammates, I’m normally on a plane to a new place or across the table from a good friend.